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    Roofing Products

    DeWitt's roofing products have been an industry leader since 1931. We offer a complete line of repair and maintenance products for most roof types. Keeping your roof maintained and leak free with DeWitt’s can save you thousands in replacement cost and water damages.

    Roof Cements

    DeWitt's Step 1 Roof Cements are ideal for constructing flashings, pointing up joints in roof decks, cementing open laps, shingle securement, skylights, parapet walls and stopping leaks on most roof applications.

    Roof Coatings

    Get the most out of your roof by maintaining it with one of DeWitt's Step 3 coatings. Choose one of our White Elastomeric or Aluminum coatings to maximize the life of your roof and reduce cooling costs.


    For added protection and maximum life, reinforce your repairs with one of DeWitt’s Step 2 Membranes.

    Roof Cleaners

    Single Ply Repair


    Pipe / Chimney Flashings

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