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    #953 - HydroSeal 3000

    Membranes - Peel and Sticks

    HydroSeal 3000 is a proprietary composite, uniquely designed to provide high strength, low temperature adhesion and high temperature stability in a superior waterproofing membrane.  Forms a resilient barrier against physical damage and water migration.  HydroSeal 3000 is ideal for waterproofing concrete, masonry or wood structures.  It can be applied to foundation walls, tunnels, earth shelters, structural concrete decks, plaza decks, parking decks, approved insulating foams and split slab construction above or below grade.  Apply when ambient and substrate temperatures are 40oF (4oC) or above.  HydroSeal 3000 is self-adhesive and cold-applied.  No special adhesive, heat or equipment are necessary to install HydroSeal 3000.

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    953 #953 - HydroSeal 3000 $120.26
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