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DEWITT’S WET-STICK THERMOPLASTIC is an all-purpose patching sealant originally designed for Single-Ply roofing systems, but it can also be used on all roofing systems. Our manufacturing process utilizes specially blended Thermoplastic Resins refined oils, and mineral stabilizers and reinforced with hi-tech asbestos free fibers. DEWITT’S WET-STICK THERMOPLASTIC sets up to form a tough, continuous, moisture-free film that will retain its pliability for a long period of time. This enables it to expand and to conform to movement of other materials. DEWITT’S WET-STICK THERMOPLASTIC can be used on wet or dry surfaces.

DEWITT’S WET-STICK THERMOPLASTIC is an excellent all-purpose sealant for repairs of all flashings and is ideal for vertical surface application around roofs, parapet walls, chimneys, valleys, pipes and foundations. DEWITT’S WETSTICK THERMOPLASTIC can also be used for repairing leaks on EPDM, TPO, PVC, HYPALON, METAL, Concrete, Wood and ASPHALT ROOFS

Available in 1ga and 3ga

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